Allison K. Mungaray, Esq.

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Allison Mungaray, Esq.

Allison Mungaray Esq. is a standout in legal brilliance. Her journey into law is a clear example of what dedication, top-notch scholarship, and a real passion for justice can achieve. Allison's path is marked by impressive academic achievements, hands-on legal work, and a strong determination to make a difference in the legal world.


Allison, who has always harbored a deep passion for the English language and its intricate beauty, chose to pursue advanced studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It was here that she specialized in English, refining her analytical, critical thinking, and communicative abilities. In December 2015, Allison concluded her academic pursuit, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. With her comprehensive knowledge, adaptability, and acute understanding, she was well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the legal profession.

In May 2023, Allison achieved another milestone by obtaining her Juris Doctor degree from the Beasley School of Law at Temple University, where she was also honored as the distinguished recipient of the Pamela J. Norley '88 Scholarship. Her dedication to legal scholarship and practice was further acknowledged through the prestigious AAML Eric D. Turner Award, highlighting her exceptional commitment and distinguishing her as a dedicated professional in the legal field.


Allison's foray into the legal world began at Evans & Associates in Las Vegas, where she worked tirelessly as a receptionist and file clerk. Her responsibilities extended to drafting and revising estate documents, maintaining a meticulously organized filing system, and ensuring the smooth operation of the firm's schedules and client engagement procedures. This foundational experience was a crucible that shaped her keen sense of organization and customer service excellence, integral for any legal practice.

Today, Allison Mungaray Esq. stands as a beacon of hard-earned success. Her narrative is an illustration of an indivisible bond between education, continuous learning, and professional evolution. Majoring in English set the stage for her law career, equipping her with the profound ability to interpret and wield language—a skill indispensable in law.

With the thicket of legal experience behind her and an auspicious start on the horizon, Allison embodies both the spirit and practice of law. Her career is a collage of tenacity, intellectual rigor, and the consistent striving for excellence - serving as both an inspiration and a benchmark for aspiring legal minds.

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