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Our Attorneys have extensive experience representing our clients in a wide array of domestic legal matters that range from simple divorce or child custody, to highly complex family law matters.

Our Family Law office focuses on all aspects of domestic law, including Divorce, Child Custody, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Business Planning for your future.

Meet Our Team

Jones & LoBello’s legal team, headed by John Jones and Michele LoBello, contains some of the brightest legal minds in the Las Vegas area.

Our team of attorneys is ready to provide your family with highly specialized counsel to help you navigate the complex nuances of Nevada law. 

John D. Jones, Esq.
Michele LoBello, Esq.
Delwyn E. Webber, Esq.
Estate Planning Chair
Elisabeth S. Flemming, Esq.
Shannon M. Wilson, Esq.

Our temporary office is located at
9900 Covington Cross, Suite 210A
Las Vegas, NV 89144

We maintain a reputation for thoughtful, ethical, proactive, and (when necessary) aggressive work on behalf of our clients.

Taking Control of Your Costs

By Shannon M. Wilson

Costs are typically at the top of your concerns list before you decide on an attorney team. Rest assured, your legal team will attempt to represent you in the most efficient manner possible and may, from time to time, suggest things you can do to minimize your legal fees and costs. No one appreciates a … Read more

Cannabis Stocks Light Up with Federal Marijuana Legalization Now in Sight (pun intended) 

By Shannon M. Wilson

Cannabis investors, and those following legalization, have been on quite the ride since the start of 2021 with this industry’s stocks soaring and plunging in a matter of hours. On or about February 10, 2021, year-to-date gains for Tilray (TLRY) exceeded 670%, Canopy Growth (CGC) 110%, and Aurora Cannabis (ACB) 20%. The very next day, these cannabis stocks tumbled quite a bit.  Reddit & Shifting … Read more

Avoiding Probate and Inheritance Tax | Estate Planning in Nevada

By Delwyn Webber

When Aretha Franklin died in 2018 without a legal will (intestate), she joined a remarkably long list of legendary stars, including Bob Marley, Sonny Bono and Prince, who also did the same. By simply not preparing an estate plan, she made the task of settling her affairs much more complicated and expensive for her heirs. … Read more

Divorce in the Digital Age: Be Careful What You Post

By Michele LoBello, Esq.

Divorce in the Digital Age: Be careful what you post. Social media cannot only ruin your marriage, it can ruin your divorce. Because we can, many of us share personal information about ourselves on social media and networking sites. Although you may believe you are sharing your information with one or only a few individuals … Read more

9 Noteworthy Divorce Laws in Nevada

By Shannon M. Wilson

9 Noteworthy Divorce Laws in Nevada If you are seeking or going through a divorce, you have likely been inundated with advice and anecdotal accounts from friends and family. While well-intended, the information relayed to you by friends and family may not be entirely accurate or applicable to your case.  To help you sort fact … Read more

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our temporary office is located at
9900 Covington Cross, Suite 210A
Las Vegas, NV 89144


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Providing legal services to our clients should strike a balance between the client’s objectives, the ability to prevail and the associated costs.

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