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Deciding if you want to get divorced can be frightening. To ensure your rights are protected in a divorce, it is advisable to consult with an attorney to determine your rights and discuss your options.

Child Custody

Child Custody can be emotional. If you are experiencing a divorce, separation or were never married, we can assist you in getting a court order to protect your custody rights and access to your children.

Trusts & Wills

Whether you die with or without a Last Will and Testament, your estate is subject to the probate process if your assets meet the statutory limits. Who reaps the rewards of your hard-earned assets should be up to you.

(702) 318-5060

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Providing legal services to our clients should strike a balance between the client’s objectives, the ability to prevail and the associated costs.

Our Attorneys have extensive experience representing our clients in a wide array of domestic legal matters that range from simple divorce or child custody, to highly complex family law matters.

Clark County Property Tax

By Angie Duran

If you own a home in Clark County, NV, the tax cap on your primary residence is 3%. As a homeowner, you are always able to correct your tax cap if it is incorrect.  Once your property becomes your primary residence, your 3% tax cap is set for all billing years going forward.  It will … Read more

What issues can be covered in a premarital agreement?

By Angie Duran

What issues can be covered in a premarital agreement? As we have stated in some of the prior blog posts on this subject, the requirements of premarital agreements are not necessarily as straightforward as the ones found in arm’s length contracts generally made between parties under the law. This is because of the fiduciary relationship … Read more

Home Title Security

By Marketing Team

There has been recent news regarding hackers stealing the Title of homes without the homeowner knowing it. While we have not personally seen this, it has happened to homeowners & it is VERY expensive to get this corrected (if it can even be corrected). There was even a national TV show exposing this problem. There … Read more

Relocation Requests in Nevada

By Shannon M. Wilson

Relocation Basics When you are seeking to relocate and the other parent will not agree, you must petition the court for permission to do so. In custody cases, the child’s best interest is the polestar of the Court’s decision-making. With that said, the requirements for relocating depend upon the nature of the custodial arrangement at … Read more

Why do I need an attorney for a premarital agreement?

By Jack J. Salisbury

Prenuptial Agreement If you have decided that a premarital agreement is the right decision for you, it is important that you and your spouse each obtain adequate and independent legal representation. While it is true that you usually do not need an attorney representing you in order to agree to a contract, premarital agreements do … Read more

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