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Jones & LoBello believes that an attorney-client relationship is more than a business transaction—it’s a partnership. The J&L Team is committed to helping you navigate your matter as smoothly as possible and to answer any questions you may have in a timely fashion.

Our goal as your attorney team, is to work with you, our client, as a team to help you and your family reach your goals. We, as your representative, strive to provide you with as many resources and as much information as we can so you are an informed participant, not just a bystander, in your matter.

To that end, it is your responsibility as a client to take advantage of all the resources and information provided to you by our team, and to ensure you follow your attorney's advice and make sure you are an active participant by asking questions if you are unsure or unclear.

We are committed to ensuring you know ahead of time about upcoming filing deadlines and response requirements related to your matter, so that you can schedule your own commitments to allow time to work with us to meet such deadlines. Additionally, we understand that the courtroom is likely a foreign place for our clients, and part of our responsibility during your case is making sure you understand what is necessary from you to achieve the best outcome.

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Clio for Clients is a new client-attorney communication portal that enables clients to work with their lawyer from anywhere. You can access it on the web or download the Clio for Clients app for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, totally free!

Stay on top of your case from one place.

Communications, documents, and more are organized by case and accessible when you need it. Get notified when something needs your review. No more digging through emails, texts, and missed calls.

Communicate privately with your lawyer.

Securely send messages and documents to your lawyer from browser or mobile. Your lawyer will send you a link to the portal. Then Simply log in with your email address to get started.

Clark County Property Tax

By Angie Duran | June 29, 2022

If you own a home in Clark County, NV, the tax cap on your primary residence is 3%. As a homeowner, you are always able to correct your tax cap if it is incorrect.  Once your property becomes your primary residence, your 3% tax cap is set for all billing years going forward.  It will … Read more

What issues can be covered in a premarital agreement?

By Angie Duran | March 23, 2022

What issues can be covered in a premarital agreement? As we have stated in some of the prior blog posts on this subject, the requirements of premarital agreements are not necessarily as straightforward as the ones found in arm’s length contracts generally made between parties under the law. This is because of the fiduciary relationship … Read more

Home Title Security

By Marketing Team | February 28, 2022

There has been recent news regarding hackers stealing the Title of homes without the homeowner knowing it. While we have not personally seen this, it has happened to homeowners & it is VERY expensive to get this corrected (if it can even be corrected). There was even a national TV show exposing this problem. There … Read more

Relocation Requests in Nevada

By Shannon M. Wilson | February 4, 2022

Relocation Basics When you are seeking to relocate and the other parent will not agree, you must petition the court for permission to do so. In custody cases, the child’s best interest is the polestar of the Court’s decision-making. With that said, the requirements for relocating depend upon the nature of the custodial arrangement at … Read more

Why do I need an attorney for a premarital agreement?

By Jack J. Salisbury | December 9, 2021

Prenuptial Agreement If you have decided that a premarital agreement is the right decision for you, it is important that you and your spouse each obtain adequate and independent legal representation. While it is true that you usually do not need an attorney representing you in order to agree to a contract, premarital agreements do … Read more

How to Delete Your Ex From Your Digital Life

By Shannon M. Wilson | December 6, 2021

Technology and your data privacy may be the last thing on your mind you are getting divorced. With that said, it’s critical to assess your digital footprint and protect your data privacy while going through a breakup. We store all of our personal information on our devices, and people are accessing their exes electronically stored … Read more

Should you get a prenup?

By Jack J. Salisbury | December 2, 2021

While every situation is different, it is generally advisable for a couple to enter into a premarital agreement before they get married for many reasons.  Here are the top reasons why you should get a premarital agreement before taking the plunge with your significant other. Schedule a Consultation Taking Inventory An essential part of the … Read more

Text Message Preservation

By Shannon M. Wilson | December 1, 2021

Message Preservation Why is it important to properly preserve text messages and messaging app content? Text messaging and messaging apps (such as WhatsApp) are one of the most popular ways that people communicate on a daily basis.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that text messages, iMessages and content in popular messaging apps (such as WhatsApp messages) … Read more

Social Media, Texting and Email During a Divorce

By Jack J. Salisbury | November 2, 2021

Social Media: Cut all ties For many reasons, it is almost always advisable to cut all social media ties with your spouse when you are in the midst of a divorce. This is true for both personal and legal reasons, as removing or blocking your spouse from your social media should help both of you … Read more

Press Release | Four Jones & LoBello Attorneys Named 2021 Mountain States “Super Lawyers”

By Marketing Team | July 15, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada (July 14, 2021) – Jones & LoBello, PLLC is pleased to announce that four Attorneys from Jones & LoBello have been selected to the 2021 Mountain States Super Lawyers list. Jones & LoBello represents clients in multiple areas of practice, including but not limited to all facets of family law; estate planning; … Read more

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