Taking Control of Your Costs

Costs are typically at the top of your concerns list before you decide on an attorney team. Rest assured, your legal team will attempt to represent you in the most efficient manner possible and may, from time to time, suggest things you can do to minimize your legal fees and costs.

No one appreciates a shockingly high bill, and while many things cannot be avoided, the following are some suggestions which have been helpful to other clients and we would like to share them with you.

We encourage you to use this list as a reference because they not only aim to minimize legal fees and costs for you, but also tend to produce a more optimal result.

Make Your Own Copies.

Although we are willing to make copies, the time and costs are passed on to you. Making your own copies can create significant savings.

Organize Your Files And Documents.

Although we are happy to assist you in organizing the files and documents necessary for your case, those costs are passed on to you.

    1. When we ask for documents, they should be organized according to the list or instructions you have been given. If you have not been given a list or instructions, then items should be organized according to date with a subject matter descriptor in the file title.
    2. If you are providing documents in response to discovery (such as a Request for Production), organize the documents according to each response.

Bank Records.

When sharing bank records with us, please clearly label each file by date and institution and, if multiple accounts are held at the same institution, please include the last four (4) digits of the account number to the file’s label.

Provide Documents And Photographs Electronically, In Pdf Form.

It is always preferable for a client to send electronic copies in PDF form, if possible (and not in photo files, such as .jpeg, .png, and .tif files, as these file types must be converted into PDFs). It is generally much easier and more efficient to use and reproduce electronic copies in this manner. If you bring copies to the office, the J&L Team will need to scan them into the system, which can compromise the quality of the items, rendering it more difficult to redact privileged and confidential information.

If Dropping Off Physical Copies for Scanning, Please Use Paper Clips Instead of Staples.

If you are unable to send files electronically, or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to drop off physical copies for scanning. In that event, please use paper clips instead of stapling documents.

Maintain Your Records.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, you will receive a copy of most, if not all, documents concerning your legal business which are sent or received during J&L’s representation of you. We recommend that you maintain your own duplicate file of this documentation to enable you to quickly refer to these documents as needed and minimize unnecessary back and forth with the firm. There are several inexpensive or free online options for record keeping, for example, Google Drive offers a small amount of space for free and is simple to use.

Keep Notes.

Document anything relevant to your case, including, without limitation, your questions, information, and documentation underlying the facts of your case. Consider using an app, like Evernote, or a Google Doc to keep track of things you feel are important.

Prepare for Meetings.

If we schedule a time to meet (whether by telephone, video conference, or in person), please prepare in advance to discuss the matters we are meeting about. Prior to the meeting, review the relevant draft documents which have been provided to you, and have your revisions and comments ready for your J&L attorney, paralegal or legal assistant to review. Advance preparation will make the meeting more productive and allow us to accomplish more in a lesser amount of time.

Contact your Paralegal or Legal Assistant for Routine Questions.

If you have a routine question, such as the meaning of a term on a form or the time for a hearing and whether you must be present, please ask the legal assistant or paralegal for the answer.

Consolidate your Questions.

Since you’re paying for your attorneys’ and paralegals’ time, keep your phone calls brief and consider consolidating all your questions into one larger email.

Discuss Costs and Fees.

Make it a point to always discuss costs and fees with your attorney before they are incurred. Clear communication with your attorney can avoid the shock of an unexpected bill.


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Our Attorney Team