Virtual Consultations

With the advent of modern technology, participating in a consultation with an experienced attorney is easier than ever. You no longer have to travel to our office to meet with your attorney face-to-face. Our law office offers our clients virtual visits, and potential clients can schedule a virtual consultation with an attorney. Get help with your case from the comfort of your home, office, or even while sitting in your car.

We offer video consultations through several different avenues to give each of our clients or potential clients the convenience of connecting with their attorney when it is convenient.


Virtual Consultations - Microsoft Teams
Virtual Consultations - Zoom

Ready to schedule a consultation? Here are 3 things to keep in mind before your appointment:

  1. Prepare for Paperwork. You will receive a client intake form prior to your consultation. Fill it out and return it to our team before your appointment. This will give you more time with your attorney, and give them a little background before you meet.
  2. Get Comfortable with Technology. Decide which platform will be easiest for you to use and let our team know if you have a preference. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Vonage are all free and are very user friendly. If you haven't asked for anything specific, our team will send you a link to download the preference of your attorney. Check it out before your appointment to make sure you have it downloaded or know where to find it on the web.
  3. Plan Ahead. Our attorneys will probably answer questions you didn't realize you had, but we want to make sure you leave your consultation with a plan. Gather up any relevant paperwork and jot down any questions you may have so that everything gets covered. We have a list of several things you can do to prepare for your meeting, as well as reduce future costs, read more here.

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