Home Title Security

There has been recent news regarding hackers stealing the Title of homes without the homeowner knowing it. While we have not personally seen this, it has happened to homeowners & it is VERY expensive to get this corrected (if it can even be corrected). There was even a national TV show exposing this problem.

There are also vendors our there that will monitor home titles for a low monthly fee so you could be notified if any new document gets recorded against your home.

All that said, you need to know the Clark County Nevada Recorders office offers FREE monitoring that allows you to monitor your property(s) (located on Clark County) at no charge.

In other words, if you currently do subscribe to a title monitoring service, you can do the same thing for free with your home in Clark County Nevada by following the simple steps listed below.

To be able to activate this service follow these simple instructions:

1. Go to https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/government/assessor/property_search/real_property_records.php

  1.     Click on your address & fill in ONLY the street number & the street.
  2.     Click on your 'parcel number' in blue on the right hand side of the page to make sure of the correct property
  3.     Copy the 11 digit parcel number (PLUS the hyphens) to your computer

2. Go to: https://recorder2.clarkcountynv.gov/PublicRecordsNotificationWeb

  1.     Fill in your email address in the first section
  2.     Fill in your name in the next section (see example posted)
  3.     Paste the parcel number in the 3rd section
  4.     Go to bottom of page & click on 'Opt in'.

You will get an email confirming your new subscription.

You MUST click on the bottom of the email to activate the subscription.

Our Attorney Team